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Dionysus / Wine grape processing


Receiving and Handling

The long-term experience of Turatti in the processing of delicate produce allows a brand new approach in handling and receiving wine grapes with the highest level of care, while automating the process as well (when required). The Dionysus productions range includes a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions to receive, de-palletize, fluidize and handle the grapes received from the vineyard.


Sorting and MOG removal

Avoiding material other than grapes (MOG) begins in the vineyard with careful harvesting, but clearly every variety and every harvest are different. Having introduced dozens of innovations in the removal of foreign bodies in the food industry, trough Dionysus Turatti can deliver effectiveness and value for small and large winemakers and table grapes producer.



Washing the grapes also ensures a drastic reduction of the microbic load (up to 95%) which, in some cases, includes classes of microorganisms that affect the quality of the wine, but also has many advantages at the level of fermentation. From the small winemaker to the large producer, Dionysus offers different types of customized solutions to ensure the highest quality of the final product.



Once washed, grapes must be delivered to the crushing system without surface water to abide to the strict international regulations and law. By means of delicate and innovative solutions, the dewatering action can be easily and gently performed with patented equipments allowing an integrated and effective approach.


Waste Management

Dionysus offers as well a system designed in order to remove waste from the receiving area rapidly and efficiently offering an efficient and environmentally friendly waste management system. This brilliant solution can be integrated by a size Reducer/Crusher that is designed to reduce and minimize the size of the wastage.