Turatti Srl

Viale Regina Margherita, 52
30014 Cavarzere Venezia Italia
T. +39 0426 310731 – F. +39 0426 310500
E. info@turatti.com
W. www.turatti.com

How to visit us

Turatti SrL is located in Cavarzere (VE), 50 Km (31 Miles) southern than Venice.


The nearest airport is the international Venice “Marco Polo” airport, far approx. 60 km (37 Miles) from our location.
Other airports in the nearby area are in Bologna (“Guglielmo Marconi”) and Verona (“Catullo”).


Coming from Milano (West direction) the closest railway station is Padova, 40 km. far (25 Miles) from our headquarters.
Coming from Bologna (South) the closest railway station is Rovigo, 30 km. far (19 Miles) from Cavarzere.


From Venice

Take the S.S. 13 Romea, direction Ravenna.

From Milan or Padua

Take the 
highway exit “Padova Est” on the Milano-Venezia (A4) and head toward Piove di Sacco.
In Piove di Sacco follow directions to Cavarzere.

From Bologna or Rovigo

Take the highway exit “Rovigo” on the Bologna-Padova (A13) and proceed to Adria.
In Adria follow directions to Cavarzere.